What should you bring to your next tax appointment?

Income related:

  • group certificates
  • shares statements
  • dividend statements
  • bank interest income
  • government pensions or allowances
  • distributions from partnerships or trusts
  • personal super contributions

Work related expenses:

  • use of own vehicle for work
  • business travel (parking, tolls, accommodation)
  • purchase of protective clothing or uniforms
  • sun protection expenses
  • self education (current job)
  • home office running expenses
  • telephone expenses
  • depreciation of tools, business equipment, % of home computer
  • tools of your trade
  • subscriptions to trade magazines
  • union membership

Rental properties (if applicable):

  • rental summary from agent - or if not using an agent, your record of rent received
  • interest paid
  • repairs and maintenance (itemised list with receipts)

Additional information:

  • contact details, if changed from previous year
  • bank account details for your refund (BSB, account number and account name)
  • private health cover statement
  • spouse details - date of birth, taxable income, fringe benefits, reportable super contributions
  • donations made
  • purchase records of shares
  • any other information that you may consider relevant

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