Genuine People...Professional Expertise...Focus on Fun.

It's all about the person.

COCO represents our core person.

Our founding Owner and Director is Luke Crockford (aka Finance Ninja), whose nickname has been COCO for more than 2 decades. We set the starting point of developing our new brand around Luke as a person. His laid-back nature, strong set of values and keen ability to communicate with people form the axis point of our business culture at COCO.

 For all your finance needs, Luke is the person to trust. 

caricature of Luke Crockford as a Ninja
Graph of The COCO way, stay human, stay fun, stay smart, stay chilled, stay real

We're the real deal

At COCO we've established a way of operating based on these five core behaviours - The COCO Way.

We know that dealing with money can be stressful but can yield great rewards, so we keep it light and have fun where we can. 

We don't take ourselves too seriously - we just take you and your money seriously

This is easy when we stick to our five
core values and follow the COCO CREDO...

We communicate with our clients with honesty and integrity, as fellow humans, and apply our expertise so they can be fully compliant and informed of what they didn't know they needed to know so that they may flourish.
COCO Values, honesty, integrity, humility, communication, expertise

We have clients near and far

We have clients based all over Australia. Wherever they're from and whatever their situation in life, people come to COCO for all matters relating to Accounting and Business advice.

One of our key focuses is on our capability to operate entirely online so that we can meet all client needs, wherever they are in the world.

road picture with a kangaroo crossing sign

We talk straight

Do you find it difficult to get your head around all the jargon?

Our client feedback indicates that we are often chosen because of our ability to put financial matters into everyday terms.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to understand so if you're finding yourself overwhelmed with your money matters, shoot us an email.

We're connected

As members of larger organisations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants we adhere to the policies and guidelines of these institutions, ensuring the highest possible service for our clients.

In all policy and practice areas our team operates within the framework of federal and state legislation.

At times it may be necessary to outsource minor work tasks to other accounting firms or online accounting companies, some of which may operate in part overseas. This ensures a quick turn around of services for the client. In each case the privacy of client details remains of highest priority and sensitive information is handled with care and according to relevant legislation.
Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand
Odyssey Accountants
Australian Government
NSW Government
Tax Agent

Our associate businesses:


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