Accounting worth paying for

At COCO you will find an experienced and dedicated team.At COCO you will not find an accountant just ticking boxes and issuing invoices. 

We believe all business have different requirements and are at different stages. At COCO we don't practice standard accounting, you tell us your situation and we will tailor our service to your business strategy. 

If your priorities aren't taxation issues, when your Business activity statement are due or what are the latest changes in GST, you should be calling COCO today.

Numbers are our priority and staying Real, Smart & Professional our motto.  When questions arise we are only a phone call or email away, you will not get billed by the hour, your concerns are our business.

Because time is very precious, Don't go loco, contact COCO.

Tax & Compliance can be very complicated and time consuming . At COCO we have years of experience and believe everyone can achieve financial freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Using the latest cloud-based technologies COCO is able to provide you a meaningful inside into your business. You will be able to invest your time in what matters to you most, your business success.

Running a business requires passion, effort and time. Our passion, effort and time is dedicated to give you control of your finances without the guesswork. There is more to life than numbers. 

COCO is a member of Meritum. Meritum Financial Group is committed to creating immediate and long-term value for our clients through personalised financial planning.

Chartered accountants Australia + New Zealand
Meritum Financial Group

Want to improve your business performance?

Whatever your business type or size, COCO can help you out.

We help businesses of varying sizes and industries to improve their business performance and plan for growth. We'll go through the everyday issues with you like:

  • cash flow planning and management
  • benchmarking and ensuring your have the right systems in place to view all operations and outcomes

We can also look at your overall business plan and break it down into several areas to set out your next steps forward:

  • strategic and financial planning
  • resource management - productivity, assets, capital investments etc.
  • profitability - sales v. expenses
  • risk management - both internal and external

Figuring out the way forward doesn't have to be difficult, you just need the right people to help you see the way.

Some of our clients:


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