COCO Financial planning is with Meritum AFSL

We've reviewed the leading Financial Planning institutions in Australia and decided that Meritum Financial Group, a member of the National Australia Group of companies, is the most in line with the aims and values of COCO.
Here's why:

In their own words...

Meritum Financial Group is committed to creating immediate and long-term value for our clients through personalised financial planning, wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies that provide flexibility as your goals and needs change over time.

Meritum advisers are highly skilled and experienced financial planning professionals with a long-term outlook. We build meaningful, professional relationships with our clients over time, working with you through all environments (
Luke Crockford
Crockford Investments Pty Ltd
Trading as COCO Financial Planning
Authorised Representatives
Meritum Financial Group Pty Ltd
Australian Financial Services Licensee
Registered Office at 105 - 153
Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060

Why is COCO into Financial Planning?
While Luke has had lengthy experience in the accounting industry, for the most part this involves reflecting on what has happened in the past. Having such a strong interest in people and being a positive planner who likes to use forward thinking in his approach to $, Luke felt the need to expand in to the financial planning field. This means COCO can provide fuller financial services that support people through all aspects of their financial life.

So what does this all boil down to?
COCO is an authorised representative of Meritum Financial Group so we can access the latest information on Financial Planning issues that are relevant to you.
Whatever is on your mind, there's no issue too small to discuss with us so that you can better understand what's going on and get peace of mind about where you're at financially.
Email us at

Need help to get that loan you're after?

Financial Planning Services
We can help you to map out where you want to be financially and help you set both your short and long term goals. Part of this may have to do with asset acquisition and your borrowing capacity.

Be There Financial Services operates in part out of our office in Shellharbour and can assess all of your mortgage or loan aspirations. Craig Mowbray is a Finance Broker who has established this business after 15 years in the financial services industry.
BE THERE Financial Services
meritum Financial Group
Please note that Meritum Financial Group Pty Ltd is not responsible for the advice and services provided by Crockford Investments Pty Ltd trading as COCO Accounting & Tax, COCO Systems & Books or Be There Financial Services.

Luke Crockford is a Director of Crockford Investments Pty Ltd trading as COCO Accounting & Tax as well as COCO Systems & Books and as a result will receive distributions and/or other benefits from Crockford Investments Pty Ltd trading as COCO Accounting & Tax as well as COCO Systems & Books.

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