Not sure how to get your $ on track?

It sounds like it's time for your financial health check!

Everyone gets busy and its easy to fall into the trap of just coasting along. We can forget to take the time to regularly reassess our financial position and goals. But in order to move forward at the pace you want, that is exactly what you need to do.

At COCO we can help you carry out a full evaluation of the health of your financial situation. We'll take a look at your goals and help you map them out according to your short and long term plans. We'll take into account:
  • any car, property or other loans
  • your tax matters and whether you're claiming all that you're entitled to
  • your cash flow and check on your budgeting and personal accountability habits
If you're the owner of a business we can help you to:
  • understand if you're using the best bookkeeping software and to its full ability in order to effectively review all your business processes
  • develop your overall business plan
Your financial health is just like your physical health, it needs to be checked on and catered for every day. Book an appointment with us to get your financial health check.

Need to sort out your tax?

COCO Accounting & Tax Services Australia
Tax time isn't the only time to look at the numbers. Get a better return by having a plan.

This requires a bit of financial assessment and organisation. Contact the COCO team so we can help you out at

What should you bring to your next tax appointment?

Income related:

  • group certificates
  • shares statements
  • dividend statements
  • bank interest income
  • government pensions or allowances
  • distributions from partnerships or trusts
  • personal super contributions
Accounting & Tax Services Australia
Accounting Services Australia

Work related expenses:

  • use of own vehicle for work
  • business travel (parking, tolls, accommodation)
  • purchase of protective clothing or uniforms
  • sun protection expenses
  • self education (current job)
  • home office running expenses
  • telephone expenses
  • depreciation of tools, business equipment, % of home computer
  • tools of your trade
  • subscriptions to trade magazines
  • union membership

Rental properties (if applicable):

  • rental summary from agent - or if not using an agent, your record of rent received
  • interest paid
  • repairs and maintenance (itemised list with receipts)
Accounting Services
COCO Accounting & Tax Services

Additional information:

  • contact details, if changed from previous year
  • bank account details for your refund (BSB, account number and account name)
  • private health cover statement
  • spouse details - date of birth, taxable income, fringe benefits, reportable super contributions
  • donations made
  • purchase records of shares
  • any other information that you may consider relevant

    Want to improve your business performance?

    Whatever your business type or size, COCO can help you out.

    We help businesses of varying sizes and industries to improve their business performance and plan for growth. We'll go through the everyday issues with you like:
    • cash flow planning and management
    • benchmarking and ensuring your have the right systems in place to view all operations and outcomes
    We can also look at your overall business plan and break it down into several areas to set out your next steps forward:
    • strategic and financial planning
    • resource management - productivity, assets, capital investments etc.
    • profitability - sales v. expenses
    • risk management - both internal and external
    Figuring out the way forward doesn't have to be difficult, you just need the right people to help you see the way.
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